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Ham Sausage
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Ham Sausage

There's nothing in the world like this flavor-packed treat, made from a unique blend of fresh ground pork seasoned with our own delicious Smithfield country ham. A longtime customer favorite, it's fantastic at breakfast, mixed into quiche or used in place of ground meats in any recipe.

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There's nothing in the world like this flavor-packed treat, made from a unique blend of fresh ground pork seasoned with our own delicious Smithfield country ham. A longtime customer favorite, it's fantastic at breakfast, mixed into quiche or used in place of ground meats in any recipe.
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Ham Sausage. Six 12-ounce packages. Serves up to 36. 2796 $39.99 Qty:  
I need ham sausage in my life!
  - By Joanna Cowan on Sep 24, 2015
Any chance y'all could release this in stores for the holidays???
Ham sausage
  - By Larry Shuman on May 30, 2015
some of the best ham sausage I have eaten I save this for weekend breakfast only. My wife and I really rave how good your product is and thank you
  - By Randy on Dec 21, 2014
I just decided to look to find if available, ouch! on the price, I was eating it for many years, well before Paula Deen & it really was a bad seller, also people didnt like it cooking up & not turning brown, but being redish, I know as I work in meat dept in a major chain store, but it is truely my favorite I think they have had at least 3 different label designs over the years, & I keep trying to ask the buyer for my store if then can get special purchase for me, but they just tell me no. I would order a case. I think it would be awesome if they did some advertising, tv ads plus hired people to go in & sample product, they would have a very good market for it. one sausage company did sampling for a long time & it was a major hit. however that was over 25 years ago & I was young I got leftovers at end of day every time they sampled it, & got sick of it & cant stand that brand anymore. but still love this
Missing It In Stores
  - By Myra on Dec 9, 2014
This is by far a superior-tasting and healthier choice of sausage than regular pork sausage. I have a recipe that calls for this sausage only. I quit making this several years ago after buying all of the remaining stock in a grocery store in Nags Head (at about $2.50 per roll). I was told it was not a big seller. I am so disappointed it is no longer available locally. Look at the reviews on your site and others, Smithfield! It just needs some promoting. Please bring it back locally!!!
Mrs Cardenas
  - By Sharon Cardenas on Oct 12, 2014
I was so happy to see that Smithfield had the ham sausage. It is the best. We were able to buy it in the stores in Tx, but for some reason stopped selling it. you made my day, thanks.
Best Cornbread Stuffing on the Planet
  - By W. Dyer III on Jul 11, 2014
I used to use this ham sausage only with my four - day old jiffy corn bread rounds, celery, pecans or walnuts, and make stuffing outside the turkey that was 'slap your mama' good. Looks as though you guys fell off the edge of the world about five or so years ago and I have done without ever since. What happened? Where did you go?
the best sausage
  - By Linda on Jun 11, 2014
In the late 70swhile living in va i had some ham sausage the best ever havent had it since last year 2013 my mom saw the place.Im back to eating it mmm mmm mmm
best meatloaf
  - By susan on Apr 11, 2014
I never cared for meatloaf growing up until my mother used ham sausage in place of regular sausage. It was the best! I made it for years that way until they stopped selling it in the grocery stores. I stopped making it until I found it again.
Rebecca Houston
  - By Rebecca Houston on Feb 13, 2014
This is the BEST sausage ever!
  - By Cheryl Henderson on Dec 17, 2013
It is perfectly seasoned. I cook it cumbled and add it to casseroles, quiche, scambled eggs, can french cut green beans & omellets & grill cheese sandwiches. Love it expecially when it is on sale and free shipping!
Awesome stuff!
  - By Cathrine Howard on Dec 14, 2013
I'm 45 years old and remember my mama frying this ham sausage for breakfast for us when I was a child. I have 2 dozen rolls in my freezer as I type this because I absolutely love LOVE love it.
Ham Sausage
  - By Sandra on Dec 9, 2013
Paula Deen knew a good thing. This is a favorite of my husband. I started buying this years ago and was so disappointed that it was discontinued in our grocery store but Thank Goodness it is still available from your Marketplace. Happy Holidays!
Uniquely Wonderful!
  - By Diana on Sep 22, 2013
We were introduced to ham sausage through QVC. My husband thought he had gone to heaven, he absolutely loves this product. I have diced it and added it to baked mac n cheese, sage stuffing, and I make a egg scramble with it, tomatoes, strong cheddar and green bell pepper. I've also baked in to my baked beans. Honestly I have used it in everything that I would use regular ham and I've served it cooked as a side dish as well. My husband's favorite is ham sausage with a egg and chz on a biscuit. It's a unique product and we are thrilled to have found it. I've just ordered more today. Well done Smithfield's. I wish we could buy it at the local market. Thanks.
sausage with stuffing ingredients
  - By pat rinn on May 31, 2013
i cook this sausage with onions, sage, poultry seasoning and white pepper and put it in a metal ring. turn it upside down on a plate and fill the center with scrambled eggs. a family favorite
  - By Pat Etter on Apr 6, 2013
My husband thinks this is the best ever.
LOVE Smithfield's Ham Sausage
  - By Theresa DuBois on Mar 25, 2013
Smithfield's ham sausage is WONDERFUL. It's great as a breakfast sausage, but I also use it to make Chinese dumplings. Absolutely divine!!
LOVE Smithfield's Ham Sausage
  - By Theresa DuBois on Mar 25, 2013
Nothing compares to the wonderful flavor of Smithfield ham sausage! ideal for breakfast patties and I also use it to make pork Chinese dumplings.
  - By Susan on Jan 14, 2013
This is the BEST sausage ever. I used to cook it up in little patties but lately have been using it in quiche. It makes my quiche outstanding and out of the ordinary!
Ham Sausage
  - By Ed Troutman on Dec 18, 2012
I love sausage and this is the best I've ever eatin! It's rather expensive but it's worth it!
Husband loves it
  - By carol moranski on Dec 6, 2012
My husband loves this ham sausage. We were waiting for it on QVC but we were glad we could get it here.
No Other Sausage Like It!
  - By Bucky Walsh on Dec 3, 2012
I've used Smithfield Ham Sausage for a long, long time, primarily to make sausage cheese balls with, but also for other cooking. This is a fantastic product, with unmatched flavor, and I heartily recommend it for anyone who is a lover of ham. It keeps very well frozen.
happy days again
  - By william on Apr 18, 2012
i bought and received my wonderful sausage on wednesday, the roll was gone by friday evening. i had to slow down after the second went just as quick. best in the world, and just glad to have found it again
Best Sausage
  - By Bonnie MacQueen on Mar 6, 2012
My husband loves this sausage.We had it years ago and when we couldn't find it ,I called Smithfield to ask why?About 2 years later Smithfield called me back and told me how to order the ham sausage.Great customer service and the BEST sausage.Thanks
Love This Sausage
  - By Pam H on Feb 8, 2012
We just love this sausage. My Dad looks forward to visiting from Wisconsin just to have Sauage and Biscuits with Smithfiled Ham Sauage. Now that you cannot get it locally have to use it sparingly.
Nothing like this ham sausage
  - By Myra W. on Nov 23, 2011
The ham sausage is so delicious. I have a recipe that combines it with asparagus, parmesan, garlic and linguine - there is NO substitute for this ham. Fabulous just as it is with eggs. I'm so disappointed that Smithfield stopped selling it in the stores where it was readily available!
Love this sausage!
  - By Carolyn on Nov 2, 2011
We loved this sausage before it was Paula's! I always use it whenever I make quiche. It is delicious and a bit of a change from the "regular" type of sausage.
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